Ezy2Own Rentals was a natural evolution from our Appliance Repair Business “Ingleburn Washing Machine Service” that was started in 1989.
At Ezy2Own Rentals we are passionately committed to assisting our clients to “Rent & Own” quality essential products for their home and personal use.
We understand the difficulties that can be associated with raising the funds to purchase big ticket items like:-
  • Fridges
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Televisions, etc

This is the reason we started  Ezy2Own Rentals – to give clients on low incomes the opportunity to afford these type of products and to have set weekly or fortnightly repayments that would allow better budgeting and prospect of purchasing these items more obtainable. Our products are all big well known brand that are known for their quality and after the finish of the warranty period we can perform maintenance/service work on the majority of products.

As a Family owned and operated business we can provide a more personal touch to your “Rent & Own” experience. Unlike like the other major companies in the Rental business, with Ezy2Own Rentals you wont be shuffled from one department to another instead you will have the same 1-2 staff personally looking after you and your contract.

Our staff are friendly, honest, ethical and have integrity.

We constantly ensure that we are up to date and compliant with all the laws and regulations that relates to the National Consumer Credit Act and Responsible Lending guidelines.

But the best feature of our “Rent & Own” products is that upon your last payment the right of ownership of the product is transferred to you, at no extra or hidden costs.^

^this is subject to all contract repayments being made on time and the contract not falling into arrears. Please see our “Terms & Conditions: for further information regarding the consequences on having your account fall into arrears.